PDF Files

File: AP1000_GDA_white_paper.pdf

White paper on assessment of the AP1000 design PSA for ONR's GDA process.

File: Best_estimate_fire_modeling_and_uncertainty_analysis.pdf

PDF version of Powerpoint presentation on uncertainty analysis application within a Fire PRA

File: Fire_PRA_Uncertainty_White Paper3.pdf

White paper on Fire PSA uncertainty analysis and propagation using Monte-Carlo simulation methods.

File: Integrated_database_application_for_use_in_Fire_PRA_process.pdf

PDF of a Powerpoint presentation on the development and use of a database application for Fire PRA

Zip Files

File: quanteqns_py_appLmodel_20170816.zip

quant_eqns.py is Python code that carries out a calculation of the overall probability that a fire scenario within a main control board results in a fire that is able to damage targets at a given distance and is not suppressed before damage occurs. It was Jacobsen Analytics contribution to an upcoming White Paper that updates the original implementation of the NUREG/CR-6850 Appendix L method. The software carries out a numerical integration over the range of heat release rates from the fire and then calculates an average over possible positions of the fire within a rectangle on the surface of the main control board. The code is released under the Apache 2.0 license, which is an open source license with few restrictions (the main restrictions relate to attribution - see license for full details).