Quality Management System

ISO9001:2008 Certification Achilles certification

Jacobsen Analytics Ltd is certified to ISO 9001:2008. A quality management system has been implemented within the company which demonstrates our capability to consistently provide services that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. It also enables us to operate with increased effectiveness and efficiency with the overall aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

In addition, the quality management system has also been independently assessed and approved as part of the registration process for the Achilles/UVDB database.

Our quality policy statement is reproduced below:

The board of directors of Jacobsen Analytics have agreed the following Quality Policy Statement.

We have reviewed the context of our organisation, identifying the relevant interested parties, their interests and internal and external issues affecting our quality system. We have also identified the processes, together with their inputs and outputs, necessary within Jacobsen Analytics to address the interested parties' interests and the internal and external issues.

Detailed objectives for customer requirements are included within the issues identified within the context of the organisation. Ultimately, these relate, directly or indirectly, to customer satisfaction. We are committed to improving our processes and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed the identified requirements. To support improvement, we have identified indicators, and we carry out monitoring of processes, internal audits, identification of improvement actions and their implementation

We ensure that our quality policy is communicated and understood throughout the company through appropriately documented training, regular communication, and reinforcement during annual employee performance reviews. We also ensure that external resources (subcontractors) understand the quality requirements that are applicable to the services that they supply.