JSEISMIC Version 2.0

JSEISMIC is a stand-alone software package that has been designed to support seismic risk assessments, facilitating the analysis of the frequency of plant damage sequences initiated by a seismic event. The user works with a graphic user interface operating in Microsoft Windows.

JSEISMIC Screenshot

The JSEISMIC code has the capability to calculate seismic damage state and seismic sequence frequencies based on the following inputs:

  • Seismic hazard curves (which consist of a series of points that pair a ground acceleration value to an associated frequency of exceeding of this acceleration value);
  • Boolean equations that define the damage states whose frequency is to be calculated (each equation lists a set of components and structures that are damaged or not by the seismic event);
  • Fragility curve parameters components and structures that are included in the boolean equations.
  • Non-seismically affected split fractions (constant, fixed probability values)

The boolean equation format that is similar to that used in PRA software packages for defining event tree sequence boolean equations.

In addition to the GUI Application Mode, JSEISMIC can also be run in Batch Mode, to allow processing of multiple scenarios or sensitivity studies. Batch Mode is activated using appropriate calling parameters to the program.

JSEISMIC Analysis Screenshot